Links on 7/21/2013

Lessons in Cross-Cultural Living: An anecdotal exploration of data | TED Blog.

Differences among languages: True untranslatability | The Economist.

ROMAN JAKOBSON, a linguist, is credited with the notion that languages differ not so much in what they can express as what they must express. The common trope that language X has no word for Y is usually useless (it usually means language X uses several words instead of one for Y). But languages do differ significantly in what they force speakers to express, something Lera Boroditsky talks about often in support of the “linguistic relativity” hypothesis….

The IT cloud: Silver linings | The Economist.

NSA Spokesman Accidentally Admits that the Government Is Spying On Virtually All Americans | Washington's Blog.

Health in the U.S. and other rich countries: We pay more in health care but are sicker. – Slate Magazine.

How PayPal Almost Erased the National Debt and Ruined the Global Economy –

NSA: The “Half-Bacon Agency” | emptywheel.

….Remember, some years ago, every single person in the US could be connected via six degrees — the old Kevin Bacon game. There’s some evidence that that number has become smaller — perhaps as small as 3 (I’ve seen more scientific numbers that say it is 4.5 or thereabouts)….

Mobile-Device Email Signatures: More Than You Ever Wanted to Know – Alexis C. Madrigal – The Atlantic.

The Strange Disappearance of Cooperation in America | Social Evolution Forum.

Transitioning To a Mobile Centric World | Above the Crowd | By Bill Gurley.

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